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I've been at work a lot this past week. I worked for about 30 hours last weekend, and I haven't left work before 8 all this week (usually between 11 and 12). I just go idiotic after they all leave, and start dancing around the lab with my headphones on like some sort of posessed spaz. Speaking of posessed spazzes, my mother is visiting my family in Houston and I felt obliged to go to this retro-bar with them. there were mostly baby-boomers there, ripe for some dancing and apparently some action. My mother guilted me into 'dancing' on the stage/dancefloor with her, and apparently I've got some moves because I noticed a lot of middle-aged women staring at me when I left the floor. One particularly unattractive one came over and asked me to dance, but I decided I would just get the hell out of there before the other cougars smelled the blood and came trolling. I booked it home and chilled out. Unti another cougar called me on the phone, from places unknown and bodacious titties unseen (so he told me). Cougar is a happy drunk now that he's getting some tail. I'm glad he called though, I haven't talked to him on the phone since whenever.

Anyway, I'm taking this weekend off from work. Maybe I'll go ride my bike or something.

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