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No overtime in this business

I went into work this morning at around 10:15 planning on just getting a few things done and leaving around 2 to go up to Houston and pick up my bike from the shop, since it's been there a goddamned week. So of course I end up working until 12:15 in the morning. And I set up experiments for all day tomorrow and Monday too. And I accidentally left my ID badge in the lab so I dunno how I'll be getting back in the building. What a lovely little racket this post-graduate education is. I don't know how I kept my eyes open, only eating 2 biscuits all day. Thank GOD that the battery on this iRiver lasts for around 10+ hours. My old iPod would have crapped out and I would subsequently have gone bonkers. The worst part is that I can't just start singing at the top of my lungs to the songs on the player until around 10 because there's random security guards wandering the halls, and I don't like a sneaky audience.
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