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I downloaded SP2 and now windows messenger is loading up again. Christ almighty. I forgot how I got rid of it the first time so now it might be here to stay. I bought a new Husky brand rolling toolchest yesterday, about four and a half feet high. It's awesome. Fits just about everything I have, and has room on top for my toolbox to fit basically all the rest. I have a drawer for just my hammers, for god's sake. I bought a new cross-peen hammer and I decided to name it "scourge of the bourgeoise". It's my biggest one yet, and I'm pleased. I also bought a couple of other things, including a 4D magllite. That thing is going to be my new whompin stick for the front door; you just can't pick that thing up without holding it like a cop ID'ing a crackhead in a "routine stop" before he beats the shit out of him. My bike's in the shop for inspection, but I missed picking it up to pick up a coworker at the airport, and wound up driving in the pick-up loop for AN HOUR AND A HALF before just pay-parking and going inside for them. That put me in a fun mood.

We got a holiday from work on friday for LBJ's birthday. LBJ, for christ's sake. What a guy to pick to celebrate. That's the guy I always use as the example when anyone says that the VP candidates have no bearing on who they're voting for. But I've got no cards to burn, so I'll just keep working for a living.
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