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Oh they call me nancy sue, what the fuck you gonna do, a tap dance on your momma's tits, ...

there's some kind of anime convention in Houston this weekend called chibicon or o-chibicon or chompokemon. And they're going to be having some sort of 'scantily clad cosplay' at midnight on friday. I think I'm going to go just for that part. And also they're supposed to have some japanese culture panels and maybe some good old japornimation too. My sister is on her way to Austin for the weekend and hopefully she'll be stopping by on her way back on Sunday.

As for me I bought Doom3 today and so I'm going to install it and see if it lives up to the name.

And I'm taking my site off of the adult server so they will stop charging me $180 a year for something I have no use of (I thought I would, but running a porno site became too much trouble to plan). But I have to take all my pictures down so they can purge it. ugh.

Oh and apparently Ministry, Thrill Kill Kult, Judas Priest, Slayer, The Cramps, and the Cure are all playing shows here sometime soon. Hot diggity damn you know I've got some wood.
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