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Oh man do I hate journal clubs. GOD do I hate that shit. I'd rather slowly run stick pins in my fucking arm for an hour.


But, but, but! I just got myself a ticket for The Cramps, playing with Hank Williams III in September. I thought I would never get to see the Cramps after I missed their concert last year. I'm rebounding, folks. I can see the top of the bookshelf and soon I'll be tangled in the ceiling fan.

And I think I should warn you that this 'fat free original ranch dressing' stuff tastes like something I would have to put into a special red trash bag at work to get rid of. God this is some horrible, odious, horrible crap. I'm sitting here with half a dozen dildo-sized carrots trying to "eat healthy", and I've pretty much stopped worrying about what dioxin-laced gwidge I'm swallowing by not washing them first and begun worrying how the enamel on my teeth will fare after eating 2 bits of that oral rape sauce.


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