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La belle cuisine sans merci

You know what sucks? Doing assays that are more than 50 years old (some over 70), without anyone in the lab experienced to help. I'm ILLing my ass off just trying to get the original lit, and they're practically written in quatrains. If I didn't have 15 other projects to be concerned with, I wouldn't mind I guess. And getting out of work after dark means I can't go riding up the seawall. Son of a bitch. And I've been eating basically vegetarian for over a week now and oh man my guts. I think it's obvious what I'm saying here people. What the grudgefuck is going on in my abdomen and is it too late to place bets? Well, screw it, I've lost like 10 pounds or more so we'll just see where this little abdominal astroworld ride goes in the next month or so. But the thing is, vegetables are expensive I've found. It's annoying that things with seeds are both less appetizing AND more expensive than things with bacongrease.

What's the deal, Tofu America? Just how much Ms. Dash, Pepto, and cilantro sprigs must I add to your cuisine before it tastes like something I can both enjoy AND keep inside me for more than an hour? I bought some kind of trans-fat free tub of gwidge at the store and frankly I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with it. I always eat and cook with butter, and I don't know if I can even cook with that other crap or if it will somehow polymerize into some kind of sick solid mass of cholesterol-free nylon. And I bought beets. I am fucking well scoobied with those things; Do you cook them, and just how many rads does it take? They look like they could outlast me. My cookbooks are all for tasty food, stuff that would actually make you want to finish your plate and ask for the reipe. I'm in a curious position where I want the recipe for food I don't really want to eat. I'm going to have to turn my fork into an airplane and come in for a landing like when I was 2 to get that nossy junk down my throat. But, I've been establishing and re-establishing my cooking skills since I moved out on my own and one day I will feel really stupid if I can't do this kind of cooking from memory. So I'm going to give it the old grad-school try and see just what the hell I can turn beets into ( and what the hell they'll turn me into afterwards).

p.s. Recipes for beets appreciated KTHXYOO

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