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Ne faut pas.

I was thinking on the ride to Houston the other day that I don't live cleanly. At all, in much of any capacity other than.. I bathe. I mean, my joint's a dump, my truck's always got junk throughout, I bum smokes when I drink, I eat too much fast food and not enough healthy shit, I'm lazy with the dishes, I put off going to the grocery until I'm basically chewing on bamboo chopsticks, &c. Not clean at all. So I'm gonna do what I can to change that, after a few realizations recently. I visited my sister's apartment, which is maybe half the size of mine and which seems to have more space because she's got so much less useles junk all over the place. So basically I'll just do the opposite of all that stuff and see what that does for me. The only thing I'll do otherwise is to drink more often. I don't drink nearly enough, basically not at all when I'm in Galveston because I never liked drinking alone and most of the time I do drink alone I drink until I'm somewhat violent, through boredom mostly, and then get into trouble. But, drinking is good for you and I should do it more often. Maybe once every two weeks, drink until I vomit up bile like the good old days. I always felt good about where I was in the world when I was in that rut. It's difficult to change, in any way worth mentioning, though and a lot of times I wonder if there's any point in it. I don't know how much longer I'll be around and I hate the idea of wasting time doing things that aren't really pointful other than to say, "well wasn't I a good person, there. Didn't I do what I ought."

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