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The July Affair

I had a really good time overall at AC this year. Like Cougar already said it's more fun each time. I think we spent less time at the bar this year, but maybe not. Unfortunately the video camera was not handy so much, so there's a lot missing from whatever tape there is. The context of such lovelies as "...And suddenly there was a cock in my mouth" may be lost to the world one day..

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing the usual group of guys and ladies (y'all know who you are since my ugly mug was around you so often) that I usually congregate with every year, as well as a couple of welcome repeats and I think I may have actually spoken to a new person once or twice. Mostly the people I met at the bar were the best ones. I always have 3/4 of my fun at AC drinking beers at the bar. It's a shame I only get to do it for 3 nights per year; we should all go to another con in, say, January or something to make it a semiannual affair instead of an annual one. But getting off of work is no easy feat and cons aren't all that cheap.

The last day was a lame day to be sure because for some reason everyone goes and acts the fool and a lot of the civility which must have been wholly alien to a lot of these kids is shrugged off, leaving a lot of cracked-out people trying to get everything done in a few hours what they didn't do in 3 days. And my grumpy ass is in the middle of it. I had to rebook a room at the Adams Mark ($130) because the goddamned airline cancelled my flight without letting me know. And roundtrip cab rides to the airport are $60. So, I was pretty pissed off after that. Actually I was pissed off before that when I went to get my artwork from the whatever-it's-called and spent an hour and a goddamn half in line behind the toxic avenger and his boyfriend; Those art show bastards better wise up quick-like or I will not be doing that crap again. But cool motherfucker that Cougar is, he drove all the way back up to pick my ass up to go to play the slots somewhere in Delaware. That definitely salvaged the evening.

Looks like a few other people's flights got cancelled too. Strange coincidence.

Friggin weather in the Northeast made me very nervous about spending even more time in cheesesteak city than I was forced to, but my flight was only an hour late. I went to take an extended decompression stop Subway and the local mall since I figured it'd be better just to not go into work today than to go in 5 hours late.

So here's some (large) pictures from the weekend that DIDN'T get ruined by the cheapness of the walgreens disposable camera..

p.s. ask coug about his new room sign.

p.p.s. ask coug about his new conbadge.

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