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Où êtes-vous, Godot ?

My family left today while I was at work. My mother wanted to stay one more night at my apartment and I basically told her no, again. She probably got her feelings hurt about it, but obviously I've got a busy day tomorrow and I've gotta get out of here at like 6:30 so I can go to the lab for a while before driving to the airport. That, and my apartment's a dump and I'd rather not spend the entire night picking it up and being embarassed about it. I'm still kind of pouting about her not bothering to come visit me once in 2 years and now that she (in a tangential way) does I'm saying 'too little too late'. Childish, maybe. But I'm good at playing the 'who can avoid talking about the elephant in the room the longest' game, especially since I live 250 fucking miles away. But, I do hate guilt trips more than just about anything so I'm going to feel it for awhile..

Fuck it.

My mp3 player is about as cooperative as a 2 year old with a roach in her ear. I wish I could get this iPod fixed, but it's out of warranty now and basically I guess that means I've got a $500 nightlight on the floor of my truck. If I could just get my files organized I wouldn't be so annoyed with the damn thing.

I've been suprisingly disinterested in this year's AC, over previous years. Not to say I'm not looking forward to it, because I am. I haven't had a vacation in a long time and I had so much fun last year unwinding from work, drinking and cutting up. But I've had too much to keep me occupied lately here, and I'm just not excitable like I was before. I'm an old man, thoroughly and irrevocably. I just kind of am, and exist. I feel kind of like I'm waiting on something that I've already accepted isn't coming; almost surreal sometimes, like I'm subtly but constitutively zonked out.

So anyway, I'm going to go to AC this year like I said. I'll be there by mid-afternoon tomorrow. I'm even supposedly riding on the same flight as Sparks, too. I'll be in the hotel bar probably every night, and glomping around mostly with Cougar or Sparks or by my lonesome. If you call my cellphone, which I've had the # for in my user info for awhile now, I'll pick up.

See you in the funny papers, couillions.

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