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"Making time in a low-rent place to go.....DOWNTOWN"

I went to the mall and bought a few band teeshirts so I could have a clean dark shirt to wear to the concert. Hot Topic is the devil. Some kid in a fishnet shirt and black fingernails totally salespersoned my panties off and got me to buy 2 Iron Maiden shirts and a Pantera shirt. Damn those people and their techniques. I bought a Cradle of Filth longsleeve from some other music store (the same store where I bought my first band shirt, a Ministry scarecrow back in 93 or somesuch), and wore that one because I'm starting to dig longsleeves for some reason. Then I got the new Descendents CD and totally pussed out and bought The Cure's greatest too. I'm sure I am getting gobs of rivetskull/metalhead air-miles revoked by admitting this but I've been fruiting up a storm with Friday I'm iin Love since 9th grade (alone of course because my friends own knives)

Drove in just in time to realize I had the wrong venue, and freaked out running all over town looking for the Verizon place. I was walking all over downtown until finally I found it (and refused to believe it because I never find things in the nick of time). Will call saved me about an hour of waiting in line, and christ almighty those crazy kids and their olefin hair extensions, vinyl chemises and painted on eyebrows. I had sort of forgotten that skinny puppy was considered a goth band, and that most of the people there were 'goth' (to use the term iin as broad a manner as McDonalds uses the term 'salad'). I looked decidedly anthropoid compared to most of those goobers. the first band, Tweeker, was okay. Mood music is mostly what they played. I guess the second band didn't play or something because SP went on right after them. I couldn't figure out if it was in fact SP until about 15 minutes into their set because Nivek didn't look anything like what he looked like when I saw him in '97 (mainly because tonight he came out on stage wearing some kind of mummified birdsuit drenched in blood, except the birdskull facepiece wouldn't stay on and he kept trying to hold it in place while singing and flopping about). He finally gave up the ghost on that getup and poured motoroil and some fake blood and some kind of ooge that he was licking out of a gas mask onto himself along with some police line tape and junk like that.

The theater was really nice, small and uncrowded. They had tier seats, bleachers, and a pit which you could move about it at leisure. I was about 30 feet away from Nivek most of the time, and when the morons bolted before the first encore, I got up front row and got a kickass ivew of the best song of the show, 'Smothered Hope'. After that I waited in line for 15 minutes for a shirt while some retards with too much gel in their head and not enough brains picked and chose the shirts like it was fucking Dillards. I finally booked it home and got some Taco Cabana.

And of course I left my cellphone in Baton Rouge.. ggreat. And I wanted to bring my Lansky knive sharpener back too but forgot it. I'd ask my Mom to bring it with her when she comes up on Wednesday, but it's sitting right next to my copy of Genus #50 and .. yowza I don't need to hear about her picking that up for a quick read.

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