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My iPod broke again. Just all of a sudden, the buttons stopped working. I fucked with it for a while trying to figure out what was wrong with it, and then pried it apart with my leatherman and pulled out the battery and hard drive (small!) , but that didn't fix it. I've just about had it with this iPod shit. I went to CompUSA today and bought an iRiver. Only 20 gigs, but otherwise it blows the iPod clear out of the water in every respect. And I got a 2 year plan on it so if I drop it I can swap it out immediately. I think I'll still send the iPod in (I've got 10 days left on my warranty) and see if they fix it again.

I also bought Thief, and some cool little alarm that senses when something moves out of like 10 or 20 feet of you and goes off. I'll use it either for my wallet or one of my other too-expensive toys. I also bought another pygmy frog for my aquarium along with a snail and 2 pygmy catfish. one of my original striped somethingorothers went tits up this week and the frogs have been feeding off of its carcass. I'm going to see how clean they'll pick it.

I've been cooking fajitas for like 4 days straight now, since I accidentally bought way too much onions and chicken. I'm getting a little tired of it, but I have special fajita skillets and still about 3 days worth to burn through so I guess I'm doomed to it.

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