Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

"GSTs and signaling in epithelial cells"

I certainly do not like giving seminars. I had some last-minute revisions of my powerpoint on advice from the post-doc in my lab, in lieu of 'revisions' (shred and replace) from my boss. Even with 40 slides I was done in 30 minutes. I expected to be hurrying to finish in 50. I'm a pretty poor judge of time in terms of stuff like that. But anyway it was okay and people were probably happy to be done a little bit early (I know I was). It was a little discouraging to walk into the pharmtox building and see an announcement flier for my seminar, misspelling the title of the talk.

But everyone looks to have bolted from the lab a few hours early.. so I'll just do my required cell junk and mosey the hell out of here too. To take a shower and ride my fxdwg some and have several beers (hopefully in that order).

Putain, I'm drained, me.

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