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redder and redder

The convention was okay. A little too 'conventionish' for my tastes, though. Too many kids there (by kids, I mean people aged 18-24, of course). Too goddamned many 'old school' tattoos. I have been a little tired of that fad ever since it replaced 'new skool' and 'tribal' as the flavors of the year. I used to really dig the '50s look, with the greaser DA hairdos and the dark blue jeans and whitewall tires. When I was in elementary school I used to wear a little greaser outfit to school every halloween. My mom made me a little fake box of cigarettes to roll up in the sleeve of my white shirt. In middle school and high school I used to wear pomade like it was going out of style (who knew it was actually coming into style?). I still wear the dark blue jeans and I still dig the whitewall tires. But I have pretty much grown tired of seeing every 2nd girl with dyed black (or cherry red, curse the day) hair with torpedo-level bangs and skin like some kind of goth, and every single guy wearing a bowling shirt and 6-inch jean cuffs. Seriously, there are only so many places on your car and chain wallet that you can have dice, people. And so help me god if I see another goddamn person wearing BC/pointdexter/cat's eye glasses without prescription lenses in them they're going to be breathing from the side of their neck.

Anyway, rant aside, I enjoyed it for what it's worth. I'm red as a beet, since I stood outside a lot listening to a couple of the bands (which weren't that bad, especially the one with the chicks in the fishnets and no panties) and I took a break in the middle of the con to go ride my bike around Houston. I picked up a couple of business cards of artists who had some good work. I think I'll go back and see their studios and see if maybe they're worth me getting my work done from.

I also saw a couple of people selling some kind of carnival sideshow painted banners, neon signs, and handpainted lounge signs. I didn't feel like shelling out the hundreds of bucks for the neon or paying for a sign that the guy had 12 copies of in the back. But it did give me an idea to paint my own sign and put it upstairs on the patio (or my lounge-in-progress). Or maybe I'll get my sister to paint it, because she's fuckin' awesome with painting, and is a professional graphic designer.

I went to hastings to pick up a copy of the new Bad Religion CD, since I apparently went there 3 days to early last time. Of course, they were sold out. I'm suprised there were enough people on this island to actually sell out of BR. So I picked up an Atreyu CD and a Skinny Puppy CD I'd never heard of. They better be good for the prices they charge. If they suck, I will illegally download enough music to recuperate my losses. Sounds fair.

Some bike
another pic
and yet a third
some dude
final one

All this and I even spent 3 hours at work this morning! I might go back for another hour, I haven't decided yet..

And also, I passed President Bush on I-45 coming home today. Never done that before. He had the whole procession going, bulletproof limo with the little flags and everything.


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Jun. 12th, 2004 10:15 pm (UTC)
forget fuel injection, I'd rather be blown! ;)

you should see some of the cars that I see everyweek at the "Cruise Night" thing I do.
Jun. 14th, 2004 10:54 pm (UTC)
take some pictures, and post em. I wanna see some superchargers and girls in hot pants.
Jun. 14th, 2004 06:11 am (UTC)
Re: LOL...
I didnt even go outside for fear of drowning in the sea of rockabilly jugheadedness. I have friends in bands that do that shit up to the 9's and I hafta admit its starting to get silly. The convention itself had little to no rocker kids but an abundance of creepy metal goths. Sigh. So what artists didja like/pick up cards for? Oh yah, and the Satans Cheerleaders (fishnets no panties) rule, we know a couple of them girls but didnt find out until recently that they wore vinyl cheerleader outfits and danced to the flame tricks. LOL.
Jun. 14th, 2004 09:10 pm (UTC)
Re: LOL...
"Jugheadedness". awesome. I did notice there were some metal/goth types doing some skulls/angel rape/blood douche type shit, but that stuff doesn't interest me and most of those guys are pretty much retards, so I got bored quick.

I picked up some cards from Hannah Aitchison (who isn't local but does some fine work, and I was hoping to find at the con), Atomic Tattoo (austin), Rite of Passage (SA), and Some joint in League City which had some nice nekkid girlie designs (but now that I look at the business card all it says is "Texas Fried Art Ass and Ink"). A few joints in NYC, and a couple of other joints in Houston which it looks like I lost the cards for. I stopped by Scorpion and was disappointed; the people at Taurian pointed me to them and they were off base there. I know there were one or two in Houston that were good enough to go check out again, but I don't remember.

Satan's Cheerleaders.. I've got a thing for fishnets; I wish they'd stayed around longer.
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