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except without the FBI badge and the gun

I slept until 3pm today. I don't know HOW the hell that happened. I kept waking ffrom my dream and lying back down to dream some more of it. I probably did it 10 times during the day. It wasn't even a good dream either. I remember being stranded on some sort of cliff-carved road naked except for a teeshirt and getting picked up for hookery by some trashy woman. I had to sit naked in the back seat wth her kids until we got to her house. There was some sort of glow-in-the-dark dragon involved I remember. Jesus.

I unloaded my bike ramps in a hurry after I discovered the shop closed at 6 and wouldn't be open again until tuesday. I got on my bike ro rided it up the ramps and discovered that THE SHIFTER WAS MAGICALLY FIXED. I rode it up and down broadway to make sure and got my favorite addiction fix, one of those Jack ini the box pannido jobs. Then I rode to work and just did work (which turned out to be mostly fruitless) until 9. It is creepy coming into the lab when all the lights are out and the doors are locked. The darkroom is always creepy because I keep forgetting where the lightswitches are and I walk the walls like Clarisse from the dungeon scene in Silence of the Lambs.

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