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the week started off with a plop.

The second part of my comprehensive exam (the take-home part) began today. The day that I had to do my selection of the transfected cells, the day that I had other cell work which took hours, the day which I had to walk a half a mile across campus and change my coworker's wife's tire because she swiped a building and neither of them have any clue about how to change a tire (in the blazing-ass sun in my black shirt and double-thick wranglers), the day that my bike fucking broke while I rode it to work. I guess I'll have to bring the damn thing right back to the dealer after I've had like 2 days of riding on it since the last time. but not this weekend b/c I have to ride back to Baton Rouge on Friday for my sister's graduation from LSU. Actually I'll miss her graduation because they put it at noon on a goddamn Friday for some fucked up reason.

Yesterday I was at this Mediterranean joint getting my healthy 2 cups of olive oil (goddamn I am such a little snatch for carved up lamb bits and hummus and all that mess) and the past-her-prime waitress takes my order all nice and then walks back to the kitchen about 20 feet away and starts screaaaaming at the mexican woman cooking the food "I can't HABLOS espagnol and I don't COMPRENDE what you're saying and you can't COMPRENDE me and damn it none of y'all CLEAN this dump up and none of y'all SHOW UP for work yadda yadda" and then comes back up with my food all smiley. I was kinda worried to eat it, maybe the mexican cook spit in it just to spite the bitch. But I figured, the taste of the food would be the same either way so I chomped it down.

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