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I'm going to my game. Scott (the DM, and he just loooves being one) mentioned a while ago that my character may as well become an NPC because I'll rarely get to use him. He's a paladin, his name is 'Blade' Felix Tinnley, but when I first used him he was 'Sir' Felix Tinnley. I thought it was funny.. Sir Tinnley. Oh well, maybe not.

That burn I got about a month ago still hasn't healed.. I guess I'll have this wicked looking scar for a long time. It'll match the wicked looking scar on my head, which noone ever sees unless my hair isn't there, from when my dog attacked me and ripped my ear to ribbons. Unlike my father, I WILL NOT be keeping doberman pinschers. I've a beagle whose never bitten anyone. I was thinking of getting a German shephard, but I dunno. Maybe I'll get a corgi (we've always had dobermans and corgis in our family). We'll see. My new place does have a little yard, but I'm not sure if a puppy's what I need right now. My sister's gonna buy a grown dog from CAAWS in a day or so. I guess the cats I rescued and gave her weren't her cup of tea.

I guess I'll be at the Howlin' Wolf on Wednesday to see that band. I even wrote Sascha an email to say a furfan would be there. I got bored.

I should go.

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