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A decade of sorts

So today my Dad's been dead for 10 years exactly. I think it was something around 4 or 5 hours ago, time-wise. My watch's calendar rounded an extra day on April so I went through the whole day thinking it was the 2nd (my internal calender is about 3 days off as my last post will explain). It was the night of my JROTC awards banquet, at the end of 9th grade. I had to put on my uniform and I met up with my new friends and we had dinner and whatnot, and they gave random awards for whatever we managed to do that year. I remember that I saw my Dad being wheeled past a couple of windows towards the door to the cafeteria (where everyone was eating) briefly, but I never saw him enter. My friend saw him also, but since he never came inside I for some reason got distracted from wondering about it. At some point well before the banquet ended, my Dad's friend came over to me and told me we had to go. So we took a drive to the hospital (which was a habitual thing for us during that time), and when we got out of the car to go inside my Mom and he told us that my Dad had died a little bit beforehand, just kind of gave up the ghost as he tried to get up out of bed to come attend my banquet. They didn't really work on their timing of the delivery beforehand, I could tell. And then they sort of briskly brought me and my sister (who was with us that night) to his room, where my Grandmother was crying and her husband was consoling her. He was lying there in the bed, pale and thin, which is to say he looked much the same as he did the last time I saw him. So, I went and put my hand on his chest and I think said somesuch, and then I don't really remember the rest of the night so well. I remember it wasn't like I thought it would be, it wasn't very sad; just kind of weird. The next day was the worst I can remember, insomuch as I can remember days. And then two days later was the funeral, and four days later was my 15th birthday. And then skip 10 years and that's that.

So moral of the story is.. check up on that little calendar thing in your watch, because weird shit will sneak up on you if you're not keeping track.

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