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Back from the coma.

Am I the first one to see the marketing flaw in prune juice? Call it Plum Juice, and people will actually drink it. Surely there must be some reason that people aren't doing that.

Man, I installed Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark on Friday and played it approximately from 5 pm then until 5 am this morning, with about a 8 hour break in there for sleep. I knew it was going to happen when I installed it, because it's the same thing that happened when I installed the original NWN. But I just lose all sense of time when I'm playing. I didn't eat all weekend except for a box of friggin Couscous I saw when I was getting a coke can. Shouldn't have eaten that whole box. I also went through a 12-pack and most of a 18-pack of Coke. I don't know why I get so zonked when I play, but it's a credit to the game, I guess. I used to play Neverwinter Nights when it was originally on AOL back in like 1992. It was one of the very first MMORPG's for sure. All CGA graphics and whatnot. Character names could only be your real AOL screenname, which for me is the same screenname I have today, 12 YEARS LATER. I've had the same AOL account for 12 years, for christ's sake. And back then I used to run up AOL bills of over 100 bucks a month (there weren't any unlimited hour plans back then) from playing that EverCrack precurser. Kind of like a MUCK, in some ways I guess. I'm a carnage junkie, so if there's a game which has carnage in full 64-meg detail with anti-aliasing and surround-sound gore, I'M THERE.

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