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lots of space and lots of tools, but little sense

I got me a 160 gig drive today. I saw the 250 there for $259, and wanted to get it because, well, it was a friggin 250 gig drive, but I knew I didn't want to spend that much. So I got the 160, and now that I've reclaimed my lost drive (with gigs and gigs of mp3s) and an extra 30 gigs on my old drive, I don't even really need the new one. But I'll keep it and see what kind of junk I can put on it. Like the new Forgotten Realms expansion I bought the other day.

I finally sent my iPod off today to the service center. I wonder how long it'll take before they tell me the (bad) news. I'd like to know soon, if I need to order another player (not an iPod, that's for sure) in time to get it in and all 250+CDs of music on it before July 8.

I installed a new set of mirrors on my bike yesterday along with a chrome secondary cover. I didn't read the directions and so instead of just putting the cover over the OEM cover, which would've taken about 3 minutes, I took the OEM off and replaced it.. and then had to switch them back out and put it over it. To take the OEM off is not easy. You're supposed to remove the belt first, but instead I wrenched out the rear peg and snaked in my little wiggly ratchet extension while laying in the dirt on the side of the road. How fun. But maybe next time I'll RTFM and not have to drag half my toolbox outside again. yea, right.

I think I'm gonna go to that Montrose festifval Saturday. It'll give me a chance to wander around there and check out the tattoo shops in the area that I'm too busy to stop at when I'm in that area otherwise. I'll just have to find some place to park, though.

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