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credit where credit is due

I got 3 credit reports yesterday online (from a company that did not spam me, since I do not reward spamming). I found that my credit is better than I thought it was. It should be improving now that I cancelled several gas cards I don't use (two of which were so on-the-ball that they honored my request to have a card issued to a "Floyd Mephit") and a couple of dept. store cards, and I'll probably drop one or two credit cards soon, since I really don't use them. I think I'm going to get credit reports for my mom and sister as Xmas gifts too.

I've been getting notifications from my mail system that apparently it is propagating some autospamming. I keep getting delivery failure notices for gibberish addresses, and I almost never send mail from twowhitestripes so I know it's not me (and I'm the only person with an account here so far). I am not pleased and for the first time in a year and a half, I have to go talk to customer support and see if they can help me out. I have little knowledge of this stuff so I hope they can fix it.

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