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I think LJ wasn't up for a while, maybe.. But it's working now.

I woke up at my friend's apartment, and I felt lousy. I wake up away from my own bed sometimes and always do the ritual of 'shut up, pretend to be asleep, and scan the room to figure out what's going on'. I realized where I was and whose feet were in the couch next to me, and figured it was okay to get up. After I wake up from drinking the night before, I have about 2-5 minutes before any hangover effect set in; after that, if they're coming, it's too late to fight 'em. Luckily this morning it wasn't so. We sat around and played a D&D drinking game I downloaded months ago. I wanted to go to a bar, but Levi's always lazy and Scott does nothing but play video games and make commentary while other people actually contribute to a conversation. I drank much more than I usually do. I'm feeling lousy now, but I'm not actually hung over. Fine, it's not like I've got anything fancy planned today, except going right back to Levi's and playing D&D. Vicious cycle.. eat your heart out, Wittgenstein.

I'll only repeat this maybe 2-3 times before I move away. I'll be back, for sure, especially since I guess I'll be taking my divemaster classes so soon, but I'll be cutting back on the college-style social circle that I'm too accustomed to. I'll bet dollars to donuts that they all stay similar, b/c Levi's just entering college (at 25) and Scott's staying at LSU for grad School, and Nothing much changes with either Mikey or Trey. What will I do for socialization in Galveston? I'll have to be more personable, and maybe there'll be an interesting few grad students up there. I signed up to the TAFF list, but .. We'll see. I'll just be more sociable online, probably.

I will need to get my truck filled with a bunch of junk from my storage locker on thursday to be set to move in partially on saturday. I'll have to clean out my truck, this means.. I hope it doesn't rain. Most of my stuff is in cardboard boxes. I wanna get my bed, TV, loveseat, comp&comp table, and misc. furniture there, as well as my prints and clothing. I'm going to take the opportunity to clean house as I move. Anyone looking for a TV stand or a computer desk? reaaallllly cheap?

Hope my mom's not gonna take it hard with me leaving town. Erin's still here, anyway.

*sigh*.. I just don't know..

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