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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Ethics in action

Apparently this did not post on friday and just remained in the client. So blast from the past....

I took my last physology exam today. Shit, I was not expecting it to be so difficult. Apparetly it was a little too difficult for one Chinese girl who's apparently part of the pharm program, because she was caught cheating on the exam. Blatantly, too. I wonder if she'll get kicked out? I went out to Salsa's with the other pharm students (except the cheater) and had a few beers. It's the first time I've done anything social with them. They're not as annoying as I pictured grad students being. I enjoyed it, but the rest of the day was rather boring for sure. Eh, that's friday for you. Funny thing was we were all standing outside the required seminar talking about the cheater and then all decided to just sign our names on the seminar attendance sheet and just skip it.

And I called the harley shop and apparently I bent my handlebars a long time ago and that's partially what was wrong... I hope he looks at the risers as that's the initial reason I brought it in. Well the shipment didn't come today so I hope it comes tomorrow for me to pick it up. Otherwise I'm going to be rather annoyed.

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