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I hope pride isn't goeth-ing before something here..

And just to add to the earlier post and provide proof to myself later on that it is actually possible to have a good day now and again, I just gave the most rocking presentation on a Doxorubicin paper for journal club. Nobody had any questions (except the ones who would ask questions if you were to say 'hi'). I deconstructed that thing until I was literally red in the face, and finished in half the normal time, and got the organizing professor (who usually does impressions of either a deaf/mute orCrow from MST3K during presentations) to come and tell me I did excellent.

So tomorrow I am therefore expecting to lose a limb or get hit by a car or somesuch.

Ooh and au fait, apparently the refinery not too far from me went supernova last night while I was eating some au jus and 5-minute rice, and made a snazzy fireball. I didn't hear a thing while watching whatever I was watching, and sucked whatever mesquite skin-dissolving teratogens right through my A/C and into my lungs. Maybe that's why the au jus tasted a little funny.

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