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Nothing day.

Didn't do much today, I got in from my game late last night, and decided that I would just skip sleeping. Then at about 3:15, I changed my mind and went upstairs to bed. I woke up at 6:00 and took a shower, got dressed, and left for 7:30 class. Got out early ( I only had a little bit left to do in my Atomic Absorption lab) and cleaned out my truck on campus waiting for Biochem. My truck was -full- of crap; little bits of dirt and filth everywhere. Anyway, after class I picked up my sister and we met my mother at the attorney's office to sign some documents pertaining to our law suit. We may actually get some money this time! I'm almost broke, and my debts are chewing me away. I really need to get something.

Got a phone call from some guy at the Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology at UTMB letting me know that I 'have a place here' in their program. I'm glad they finally called. He asked if I had made a decision yet, and I told him that they were my first choice,and that I'd probably accept their offer. Ha! Imagine that - me accepting _their_ offer. Never thought I'd be in such a position. I got letters from 2 more schools today , one rejection and one acceptance. Both Southern schools, and I wasn't really considering going to either of them.

I'm going diving this weekend! Soo nice..

It was earthday today. I didn't do anything particularly earthy. But I didn't do anything unearthy, really, either. I have become a more consciencious person in regards to recycling over the past few years, tho. I think that it's more of a distaste for waste, personally. I was thinking, a great idea for a company would be one that sifts through landfills for recyclable material. Not a particularly fun job, but it could be worthwhile. Maybe it could be forced labor for prisoners. I am wholeheartedly in favor of forced labor for inmates (very close to free for the state); make 'em work for our tax dollars, damnit! Recycle, you dirty wife-beater! Pick up my trash, crack dealer! Keep the US beautiful, thief! Two birds, one stone.

It reminds me of this idea I had so many years ago. I wanted to start a charity called Worldwide Toothbrush Commission. Basically it gives every indigent in the US a free toothbrush (and toothpaste). Then after that's been established, it gives every indigent in the world the same. Of course, they would be cheap brushes and cheap toothpaste, but I followed the assumption that cheap was preferential to absent. Imagine how much the cost of healthcare would decrease if everyone could brush their teeth..Imagine how the average life expectancy would increase. Something so simple that it could actually be reasonably implemented. Maybe when I get rich.

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