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what a job

I just about went cagou yesterday when I found one of my transfections had gotten contaminated. We've been letting the lab upstairs use our second incubator for a few weeks because they had gotten total lab contamination, so of course our culture room looks like shit and all our pipets are gone, our trash is filled every 2 days with flasks, and we've had to wait on them constantly coming in and out of the lab. I gathered everyone together and gave them the standard "my stuff's contaminated, check your stuff and let's decon NOW so we don't get screwed and by the way don't leave the goddamn WASTE BOTTLE in the hood all sploshed and crap.
And of course the dishwasher/stock person shows up for work for about 45 MINUTES a day. I wish I could pull those hours and get paid full time. And the secretary seems to have hated me from the first time I met her. It's going to be a beautiful day when I graduate and get OUT of here.
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