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Vehicles suck

I pulled out from the curb today and found that I'd blown out my tire a few days ago parking. I should have figured something might have been wrong after I slammed into the 12 inch curb going 25 at about a 45 degree angle. I just glomped the truck up and over the curb and dropped it back down to end up about parallel. Oops. I tried to change the tire myself but they practically spot-welded those lugnuts on. I got the AAA dude to do it for free. Tomorrow I gotta go get a tire (actually 2, because I've got another tire balder than a boyscout's ballsack). That popped tire was almost brand new, damnit.

Anyway I drove up to the Stubbs cycle for the first time and bought a new sissybar for my bike. I've been looking on eBay for the one I want for a month but I guess they're never gonna put one up, so I said to hell with it. But I'm not going back there again, because as I opened up a box of plugs (not the +4, Cougar) the parts guy yelled at me like I was stealing them. It's either go to Stubbs and get yelled at or go to Mancuso and never see a parts guy..

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