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I got my new WileyX motorcycle sunglasses today. They've got foam ringing the eyepieces in the back to keep bugs and wind and rocks from hitting me in the cornea again.

I just got back from eating $50+ of sushi, and I wanted more. My stomach just wouldn't requisition me any more storage space until they talked with the department one floor down..

My boss is away to Monaco for a few days for a symposium or somesuch, and oh yeah does the tension just vanish when he's gone. When the cat's away the mice will play, I guess. Well, actually I was the only person in the lab working (all day, too). I went to my class at 9 only to find out that the lecturer for the day didn't even know he was supposed to be teaching yet, so we just left. I just decided to stay on campus and work instead of going home for an hour. I stayed after work yesterday to set up the old imaging system that we replaced with the spiffy lexus-priced one, and wiring it all together to a computer that uses ISA cards for christ's sake.

I wanted to go riding around today while the sun was still shining, but I only caught the dusk hours (and my bike went wonky to boot). The sudden summer is taunting me; my sunburn is peeling and that blasted ball of fire is only out when I'm inside buildings..
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