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The conbadge game

So Cougar and I were chatting about certain tigers and the ghey commissions we got for them and Cougar came up with a good idea that you may have read if you read his journal (and y'all all probably do, I won't bother checking everyone's friends list for that). But I'm mentioning it also because I think it's a neat idea and we bounced it off each other until it sounded both funny and interesting. So anyone who wants to play needs to comment in his journal. Anyway the point was that whatever you think of when you think of or see or talk to the person, that image you think of, is what you get drawn up on a little conbadge by one of the dozens and dozens of starving artists (or draw it yourself you talented little stars) and maybe we'll put them into a little bowl in someone's room so they'll never know who's image it was. Then everyone gets their new conbadge on Saturday morning and wears it all con. Maybe after the con everyone can say who had who or whatever.. Anyway it costs at most like 10 bucks to get a little pencil conbadge, so it seems like a fun little game. comments questions anyone?

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