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'never talked about' by the media, these papers that are never mentioned by credible sources because they're not very good papers, not because they're not what we want to hear. To be fair though, these papers are often not very good because nobody funds the research; it's not funded because it's not as likely to produce good results. I'll stick with biotransformation because I can get funding (and I don't have to go mucking around in cattle farm 'effluent' beds looking for fish.

I found this 'punk rock' club in Galveston last weekend when my friend from Baton Rouge was in with his Psychology friends. It was cramped and heavy with fat people wearing lots of checkerboard pattern and thick-rimmed glasses. I'm not a big punk rock/ska fan and looking at those people while listening to it was like little Alex listening to Beethoven't 9th while watching gang-rape and being made nauseous with drugs. I'll equate it, like so many other music genres, with fat chicks and bars that don't even serve liquor. Although, I did get to see that (and one other) bar this weekend, effectively doubling the number of bars I've seen since I moved here almost 2 years ago.

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