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There was this poem I read in high school that I liked, a really short one IIRC, and the last line contained the phrase "stumbled out of life". It was about some person blowing their brains out, I think. I've looked online and through my poetry books (which are few). I thought it was Emily Dickinson, but Google doesn't think so. Does that phrase ring any bells? I remember every so often and it bugs me until I forget it again.

Anyway, It's Mardi Gras weekend again and like every year, I am forced to spend the entire day on the absolute wrong side of NOLA. My mother rides in the biggest ladies' Krewe, Iris. This year my sister is riding in the Krewe also. So it'll just be her boyfriend and me standing there like imbeciles waving at them while they try to hurl beads past the meanest little black kids you've seen (and 2 leagues of tourists) to us. And then after the ride they'll just hand us the 20 pounds of unthrown beads. But this year I have to give them all a ride at 7:45 IN THE MORNING. I hate Mardi Gras. (actually It's Samedi Gras I hate since I'm back in Galveston by Tuesday). So if anyone wants to see my mother and sister, come to the Iris parade and like me you can fight children for pieces of plastic.
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