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Eventful day.

I went to the student gym and lifted weights for about an hour today. I was sitting around yesterday and thought, "jesus, I feel like a half-baked turd." That and realizing merely eating different foods would not suffice mad me think and say, "ohhh shit, I made some kind of new year resolution to stop being such a cheese-eating bloat!" and decided to restart the (really unpleasant) process of my old gym routine. I'll go twice a week at first, then maybe 3 times. Probably not 5 times a week like I used to, but 3 times is 3 times more than most people. I'm going to be crippled for several days from pulling all my muscles today, but I knew it was going to be like that; I'll just eat tylenol like chicklets (or Halls drops, Cougar?) for a few days and begin the loading phase of my creatine/L-Glutamate (and ~60g protein powder/day and 1-2 MetRX bars/day and massive amounts of other various GNC emetic-tasting things). It's a shame that ephedra is off the market now, I used to eat that stuff like crazy..

Oh, and I got to ride my bike around a little today. It was divine. I about tore the doors off of some hippie in a 300 load-bearing bumpersticker VW rabbit. I love my Stage I setup.

And last and not least, I went to Cartoys and bought 4 new speakers for my truck because my old ones were gimping out on me. Except even these new ones sound awful and torn up when I play something with lots of bass at regular volume... I'm not pleased with that. I dunno what to do to get them un-gimped... suggestions appreciated.

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