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Eventful day.

I went to the student gym and lifted weights for about an hour today. I was sitting around yesterday and thought, "jesus, I feel like a half-baked turd." That and realizing merely eating different foods would not suffice mad me think and say, "ohhh shit, I made some kind of new year resolution to stop being such a cheese-eating bloat!" and decided to restart the (really unpleasant) process of my old gym routine. I'll go twice a week at first, then maybe 3 times. Probably not 5 times a week like I used to, but 3 times is 3 times more than most people. I'm going to be crippled for several days from pulling all my muscles today, but I knew it was going to be like that; I'll just eat tylenol like chicklets (or Halls drops, Cougar?) for a few days and begin the loading phase of my creatine/L-Glutamate (and ~60g protein powder/day and 1-2 MetRX bars/day and massive amounts of other various GNC emetic-tasting things). It's a shame that ephedra is off the market now, I used to eat that stuff like crazy..

Oh, and I got to ride my bike around a little today. It was divine. I about tore the doors off of some hippie in a 300 load-bearing bumpersticker VW rabbit. I love my Stage I setup.

And last and not least, I went to Cartoys and bought 4 new speakers for my truck because my old ones were gimping out on me. Except even these new ones sound awful and torn up when I play something with lots of bass at regular volume... I'm not pleased with that. I dunno what to do to get them un-gimped... suggestions appreciated.


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Feb. 19th, 2004 06:04 am (UTC)
I feel ya....
Whats up with the stage one set up? Bored out? Kitted? Fucki, i havent been able to take the bike out at all, still lacking insurance, title/registration, drivers license endorsement, inspection sticker, new set of brakes... shit.
Feb. 19th, 2004 10:57 am (UTC)
Re: I feel ya....
For Stage I the carb is rejetted, the air cleaner is opened up, and I think the pipes are opened up too (but I can't remember about the pipes for sure). Right after I staged up my bike I nearly blew windows out starting it up b/c the pipes were so goddamn loud. Everything is still legal on stage I though. Stage II I think isn't street legal; I better find out before I get that done..

I thought you needed a M endorcement to ride a scooter on the street. I wouldn't worry about any of that stuff except the brakes if you just want to ride around town until everything's finished.

I need to bring my bike in to check the front end. My tripletree is angled just a teeny bit to the right to go straight on. At the same time I'm going to install a handlebar switchplate for my iPod I think.
Feb. 20th, 2004 06:21 am (UTC)
Re: I feel ya....
Handle bar switch for your Ipod eh? Niiiiiice. We tried to install a radio and speakers on my friends 69 rally but to actually hear the music we needed to install an amp and we couldnt find anyplace for it. Plus we filled the glovebox with a big 80's style cassette player... man, in retrospect, that thing looked like utter shit. As to what endorsement I have no fucking clue. I knwo for 50cc and goes under 30mph you just need to take a moped test but since my bike is a 180 with that new kit and the top speed is know is well over 75 mph, I may have a problem. But your right, its Galveston and I dont think anyone cares. Im getting the brakes this weekend hopefully cause the weather is just screaming my name. So stage I is opening up her lungs more and compensating on the jetting... Stage II sounds like it may involve blast bottles and boring out... sweet.
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