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i'm turning japanese.

I found an asian market in Houston yesterday and spent a good $150. Lots of seaweed and soba and udon (no tofu, though. Everyone know I don't eat tofu!). And then I left the miso paste out too long while driving home. I drove around and then ate at a japanese restaurant. Miso soup, about 12 pieces of sushi, and a friggin kettle of sukiyaki. I was about jap'd out. I drove around looking to go to a bar, but I dunno any bars, so I drove around downtown until I got lost/bored, and drove home.

I got some groceries today, and as I was getting checked out, 3 different people tried to get out the door stealing stuff in 5 minutes. Some guy tried to leave with a whole cart-full, and my cashier and bagboy bolted after him. It was pretty funny, but I was really suprised that they cared enough to try to run down a guy. The cop outside didn't even get out of his car. Don't try to steal from Kroger, I guess.

I would like to humbly ask that the weather warm the fuck up so I can ride my bike.. thank you and ahominahomina anumsheba amen.
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