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It's one of those mornings again, I see.

I was eating some m&ms earlier and as I bit into one, I had this resounding shock of horrible taste permeate my mouth. It was very much like phenol or burnt plastic, and it wouldn't go away. I held this taste in my mouth for a minute, moving the peanut-gwidge around with my tongue trying to figure out what the hell it was and if I'd maybe pulled open a filling or eaten my lab gloves, or maybe just been poisoned. I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn't swallow it and so spent another minute trying to spit it all into the sink, with partial success. I even took a coke out of the fridge, which was opened and possibly not mine, and drank from it to rinse out and hopefully denature whatever gremlin shat in my mouth. The coke was either mine or from this other girl who stores food in the fridge (and is ugly enough to make me now debate whether or not she has herpes god oh jesus please no) and either way I've put it in my mouth too now so I've concluded my morning and perhaps consumed my whole day with this phenol peanut/leper turd/troll juice mouthwash phenomenon.

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