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RIP, Duck...

I find it very weird that Sascha Konietzko (one of the KMFDM people) is a furry fan. I used to be really into that band, in middle and high school. I'm not really much of a fan now, because I've lost much interest in the electronic music genre. I even went to one of their concerts once. I liked the live show, but I was in the front row with my friend who didn't really like them and my girlfriend who didn't like them and I spent 3 hours keeping her from being crushed against the rail. I did get to see Ogre from Skinny Puppy live, which I enjoyed because I always regretted not seeing SP live. Anyway, their last album was a little disappointing, and I find it hard to truly enjoy music that I can't in some way play along with, or do my own version of ( which is basically impossible for KMFDM). After Duane Goettel Died, my interest began to decline. Maybe part of me will always be a rivethead, though.

Back to the topic sentance...That is weird. I'm on a mailing list that he posts to (or did, as he seems to have just quit) and I'm still not sure it's some guy pretending. The world may never know. I'll just have to keep wondering.. somewhat like I'll always wonder what buddhists say to each other when they sneeze.

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