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cleaned out and yet so stuffed

3 whole rolling trash-cans. That's what it took to get the crap out of this 1-bedroom apartment. When I purge, I PURGE. I still have to sweep the floors and reshuffle my belongings to fill the gaps and holes left from the belongings I threw away. I need another bookshelf to hold all my books. I've got them 2-deep on the big one and am cramming them in the spaces above other books. The shelves are going to give way at some point and crush part of me. But the ones I like are around 200 pounds at Office depot and I have to carry them about 50 yards to the upstairs, and they're 6.5 feet tall. Eh, screw it.

I ran into some dude on a scooter while riding around. You can never hear those things coming, and they're not very big either; One of these days I'm going to hit one..

Anyway I'm stuffed on greek food and am going to be lazy now.

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