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It's hot in here. The fan's on, but it's hot. I put cologne on this morning, but I sweat it off.. Cologne never lasts on me. I got these little sample bottles for christmas, of Stetson. Cowboy cologne. What'm I supposed to smell like, dirt and horseshit? Well, I'm sure I always smell of horseshit, as that's all I ever talk. I was watching this show on navy seals, and I remembered that for a while in high school, I had set my mind on joining the military right outta graduation. God, where would I be now if I'd not forgotten about that commitment..

Hey you! yeah, you! call me on the phone! I'm bored. I half-expect Alex to call me to go to a bar....but he won't b/c I'm expecting it. I think he's still pissed at me b/c I didn't call him to get him to go to that Wammo concert. He doesn't even like wammo. I'm the reverse master of my own universe. Fine then! YOU call me then. Don't ignore me. I hate Thursdays. Will I resign myself to going to a bar alone? Do I aquiesce and yield to some lonely alcoholism? Yeah. Maybe not now, but one day, mark my words. I'll be that guy that I look at sometimes at the bar, wondering how he got to be 'that guy'.

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