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a cool(er) idea

There was a project on Slashdot yesterday about a guy gutting an '84 Macintosh and putting a new computer into the box. It was pretty neat, except for A) There was no monitor - he just put plexiglass in its place, B) It ran Windows, not OS X, C) He reamed out the old disk drive and made the DVD tray door out of ugly plastic, and D) He didn't use an iPod for the HDD (it would've been more apropos). But it was cool nonetheless. If I could find an old case to use, it'd be fun to do that. Maybe a toaster oven or a microwave, or one of those personal refrigerators (and it could keep the chip cool too).. If I could find a 10-13" LCD monitor to plug in the front of it, it would be perfect (especially if there were room left over inside for a beer or 2. It'd be pricey, though, for sure. But I have several leftover pieces from my old computer iterations that aren't doing me any good in the junk box..

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