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I bought another book on Japanese cooking techniques at the Barnes & Noble, along with a couple of mags, and another good cookbook called 'Fine Dining Louisiana Style'. It's a book I bought before as a gift and regretted giving it, after reading the recipies. It has recipies from the more famous and celebrated restaurants from the major areas, divided by geographic region (Plantation Country, Sportsman's Paradise, New Orleans Metro, New Orleans Northshore, etc.) It's one of the few books to have detailed recipes from places like Commander's Palace. I'm eager to try some of them. But, I won't count cookbooks against the 10 good books for me to read this year.

And, I bought some more African frogs for my fishtank. I'm up to 5 now, and 3 catfish, a Skunk Botia, a Tiger Barb, a big-ass snail, and some mutt fish that came from wal-mart.

Now, I'm going to stuff some Bellpeppers Louisiana-Style.

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