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I hate driving in this damned city.

Back from the gym. It took me a goddamn HOUR to get home in the traffic. I tried to eat a candy bar, but it turned to liquid and dripped on my jeans and upholstry. Annoying, to say the least. Sunovabitch.

I went to the dive shop and left a check for the esoteric guy and got my logbook signed. I told the instructer I'd be interested in a Divemaster class. I wasn't planning on doing that so soon, especially since I'll have to drive back to BR on the weekends to take the classes. We'll see how that goes.

On the upside, I ordered my motherboard, cpu and memory yesterday morning and paid for the cheap shipping, and it arrived TODAY before 2pm. Wow. I took it to the comp. recyclers, and it should be installed by tomorrow. I hope to hell everything works on it.

My mom's back, and gone again to a meeting. I'm whipped, I tell ya. I can hardly get up to go pee. But, at least I don't feel like such a corpulent slob.

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