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Au nord, 2 heures.

I rode up to houston to find the one tattoo parlor that was suggested or lauded or pushed by the guys at the one piercing studio in houston I've been to, and.... they're closed. There is a tattoo convention in Austin and they're at it. I'd like to believe that that means they're good enough to be up and shutting down to spend 4 days there; but aren't I the optimist. It's in the Westheimer area, which is apparently the 'young alternative culture area' with a crapload of weird food joints, tattoo parlors, head shops, idiot-chic clothing stores, etc. If it turns out to be a good shop, I will probably patronize it. But that means that I'd have to make a trip up like 70 -80 miles each week or so to get a little installation. I would have to spend at least 4 hours in the place to make it worth my driving time. by the end of it (and I'm thinking it would take at least 6 or 7 4-hour trips) I would probably have an entire collection of idiot-chic clothing and bongs. Location, location, location.
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