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I finally got a diary at Office Depot after looking for quite awhile. It isn't made for 2004, just a generic "standard diary". Same size and printing company, so it'll do. Maybe that's why I don't make as many posts as I used to - I make all relevant entries there, and I don't repeat myself too often. Hmm.

I bought Prince of Persia after reading a respectable source laud it. We'll see. I usually play a game until I get bored with it, which is either before the first level is finished, or just before the game is beaten.

I got 2 of my celtic throw-rugs in today from Gaelsong, which I had ordered well before Xmas. There's another horse-related throw that's on backorder, but no pic because they must've stopped carrying it. I might tack them up on the walls to reduce the amount of drywall I see everyday.


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Jan. 6th, 2004 07:52 pm (UTC)
PoP: Sands of Time was a good chance to make up for PoP:3D. And it did good too.
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