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new year

I packed up everything (and it was enough to leave just enough room in the cab for my body), loaded my bike back into the truck, washed out my ice chest, and got on the road at noonish. I didn't get into Galveston until 6:15, and I got a muffaletta and salad and raced home to catch the Sugarbowl kickoff. The game looks good so far.

I enjoyed the 2 weeks off of work. The wedding was okay, and the holidays were as expected. I did get a nice Xmas card amongst the mailbox-full of mail (which was quite damp) from pshaw_raven. And my fish didn't even die while I was gone. I am quite glad to be home and back to normalcy.


Ooh and I'm all moist about my new motorcyle jacket I got yesterday, pretty much the toughest one they make. Very nice and very heavy. I'll see if I can drum up some pics, along with some wedding pics.
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