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A Faire.

I'm making resolutions. I made hard and fast resolutions a few years ago and kept most of them; it was pretty neat at the end of the year to look back and realize I did all those things. I'll do it every year now, though not always so numeric and defined. Along the way this year, I will:

Make more road-trips (by truck, by bike, by air-o-plane) to see new people and places
Learn to cook more things and cook things better and more quickly
Ride my bike more often
Take way more pictures
Get back to where I was (sort of) in 12th grade with my guitar playing
Keep my apartment more dustbunny-free and organized
Learn more French and German
Get another tattoo
Increase the time I spend talking to people online
Get another nipple pierced
Scubadive >= five times (hopefully way more)
Lift more weights and drop some of this beer/jerky/beer belly
Visit Houston and NOLA more often
Do as much work as I can to produce results at work on my thesis
Learn how to take apart and fix, and put together a Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 88 cu. in. engine
Find 10 'good' books and read them (yes, only 10 - I read dozens of journal articles every week and don't have much reading energy afterwards)

If anyone has any suggestions for qualifications for or additions to the list I have, do tell me, s'il vous plait. I'll probably add them all and end up doing them along the year, if only for fun. I may or may not report their completion at the time, but I'm good for it.

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