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Weddings are really overrated. My friends are now married, and on a plane pointed at Hawaii. Total I spent $240 for the bachelor party, $175 for wedding gifts, $165 for hotel, $170 for tuxedo rental, probably $30 for food, probably $50 for alcohol, and maybe $60 for gas driving back and forth from the West bank to Metarie 7 or 8 times in one weekend. I liked riding in the limo and going out to the bar both nights. Everything else could've been better. I had to leave the reception early to fix a friend's broken car, and was glad to be out of there. It sucks being the usher, and it sucks attending weddings without a date to keep people from wandering over and bothering you. Anyway I did get a decent set of chopstix as some sort of wedding party gift. I hope their marriage lasts forever because I'm sure as hell not going through that again. It would have been nice to have some free time in New Orleans during the weekend to go do something fun and away from my friends.

So Xmas was typical and annoying. I didn't get anything I wanted; but I didn't really want anything, so it worked out zero-sum. I enjoy most of all opening presents at my grandparents' in Slidell: they are the most animated and eccentric people of their age I know and will miss this tradition when they are gone. I got a call from a friend who had blew us all off for a few years the other day, and perhaps I'll see him later on; I haven't decided how to behave around him yet, but I have a day to think about it. I saw Cold mountain today, and despite the two female lead actresses (whose careers I am displeased about spending money on furthering), I thought it was okay. Still have not seen Lord of the rings, and have pretty much lost the will to see it, or do much of anything until i go back home.

All said and done, though, I'd have preferred to have slept through the entire goddamn holiday season.

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