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Back from the Y (almost an hour and a half, and I didn't get sick or light-headed!!), and my legs are dead. If I bend my knees past about 15 degrees, they give out and I'll fall.
Afterward, I went to go eat sushi at Kamado's. I like eating there, but it's so expensive. about 23.00 total for some sushi (not much) and miso soup and seaweed salad. God I love Japanese food. I don't like all the morons who come and eat there and act like jackasses, talking loudly and insulting the food, yapping on cellphones and probably tipping poorly. I'm always extra nice and tip really well b/c Japanese restaurant waitresses are usually the nicest of them all. I wish I still could speak Japanese.

I went to Kirk's to cash in a gift certificate my sister gave me for my whelpday last year (it expires in a few days) and the only thing I could afford was a bug shield. Eh. Not really too concerned with it all. I'd be content with a proper washing inside and out, and my bedliner being fixed. I hate all those yo-boi's in there getting their honda's souped up for racing. Ooh, I saw that racing movie, let's ghetto up a perfectly good car so I can endanger people and get large speeding tickets!

I got off the phone earlier with my uncle and cousin who live near Atlanta, where my mother is visiting until tomorrow. My oldest cousin is 10 now and he speaks so intelligently. Kinda blew me away. He wants to be a part-time architect, and full-time missionary. His dad's a sorta architect/designer (I'm not exactly sure what his title is - he freelances designing stores and such) , so that I can understand. But a missionary? that must be his mother's doing. She's very strict with the kids (FOUR boys), and they go to church all the time; she's a yankee, and one of those kind that isolates and shelters their kids from the world. It's a shame, because I remember those kids growing up: they were really weird and not much fun to play with. Almost invariably they grow up unprepared for the real world and get stepped on. Oh, well.

Gotta tape 6 feet under at 9 for my mother (I don't watch it, the redhead freaks me out with her face - o.O) and that's about it. Maybe I'll do something tonight. HAHA!!.:(

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