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I am sick. I had to go into work all day today to finish my innoculations and write the last answer to my final exam (which I'm still not done with, since I have to scan some reaction diagrams still). I feel like shit. Oh god my kidneys hurt for some reason. I can't wait to see what I'll feel like tomorrow morning.

I got a commission done the other day. I may have mentioned before that I'd never get one again since I got screwed out of my money by the last person I commissioned. But I found a crapload of cash in one of my pockets the other day and said, "eh. why not." So here it is. I forgot to get the dude to put "Floyd Mephit's Room" on top, since I want it to be a room sign. The point of the spoken words is that, after several years of being involved with anthropomorphic "doings" and not assigning myself a little screenname to be referred to as, I just took the name of the character that I was writing little stories about in my spare time. The character was Floyd (or Floyd Mephit, or Floyd the Mephit variously - which is why I sometimes sign my junk with either name), and more often than not he would have the profession of replica firearm fabricator (for whatever reason). The line my commission subject is saying comes from a movie which was based on one of my favorite books (not hard to grep that), because, haha, it goes along with Floyd's original job. I'll fix the words I reckon, and you'll see it on my door come next July.
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