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Insurance isn't so bad.

I just found out last night that my car insurance policy expired Nov 22nd and I've been driving around uninsured all this time. So I put a payment online to start it, but it didn't go through immediately. So I called them up just now and made sure my policy was renewed, and then took the time to change my policy over to Texas coverage. So I did that and they told me that I'm going to be paying something like $1200 less per 6-month period now, and also getting better insurance!. Hot diggity damn. I'm pleased with that to no end. It's partially because I just got a ticket off of my record, and partially because I moved, I guess. I wonder if it'll go down in six months or a year for getting older?

I got my final for my Tox class today, 5 days early. It's due Monday. 3 questions, out of 6, essay of course. I'm not sure what the appropriate length should be..
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