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J'y retourne encore.

Thanksgiving-Day-Off was pretty much business as usual. I won't belabor the annoying details. Eating generally gives me great headaches and so does playing board games, so I was crippled by nightfall. My mother obliges me to bless the food every year, and that (and attending Midnight Mass and Easter Mass) is the sum of my religious appointments in the family Patrick. So every year I go with a couple of good phrases and usually throw in a new one to see if I get a good reaction. I can never remember if everyone knows I'm an atheist or if they think I'm just very non-pious.

I got three sheets to the wind the night before the bachelor party at some hippy bar-turned-hipster bar and started my signature spaz-dancing on the floor, generally flailing madly and randomly, 'accidentally' backing up into people who are dressed in an unacceptable manner, and standing next to and overty mocking anyone who cannot dance. I cracked my head on the band's guitar while the dude was playing it and then got bored with edifying the masses. Long story short The next day I had a hangover and vomited a couple times (with blood this time, joy!). And that made me all bleary-eyed and pasty while I met some rugrat cousins I have never seen and will not meet again until they are driving cars.

The bachelor party went well. There were something like 15-20 of us meeting at the hotel room, and we all went to the Gold Club for some titty-jiggling whatnot. We all treated the bachelor to many many dances/shots/VIP time. I ended up leaving the place having only spent about $180, which blew my mind. Maybe it was because several of the strippers weren't coming over to my end of the mainstage (because my friend was taunting strippers to the point of having his dollar bills thrown back at him. We stayed at the hotel until checkout today morning. I passed out around 5am, but I was the only one left who was drunk and not coked-up like Marion Barry.

I got my bike's 1000-mile service done (and a $160 rear break pedal replaced --Jesus the cost) and as I dropped it off, the service guy casually asked if I wanted to get a Stage I done while it was in. I couldn't resist and got it done, about $350 parts and labor. Stage I is the first stage in hot-rodding out a stock Harley-Davidson, where they rejet the carb and open up the air cleaner. It sounds LOUD now. Should be ~10 more HP for the trouble..

I got a Xmas card today from Cougar with my mail! Wow, I was really suprised to get it; my family doesn't even send cards here. It was awesome, complete with a little drawing (of what I won't say). Cougar you are the coolest cat in the northeast.

And I got my motorcycle jacket back, my grandmother almost died, and I have about 20 pounds of leftovers in my freezer now. C'est ca.

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