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Turkey Lurkey Dee

And so once again I am in Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving, family get-together stuff. I had to leave work a little early after a Tox class and assembling this water bath for the lab, and then ran around like a maniac finishing packing. I had to load my bike onto the truck (man what a hassle; the bike tipped over and pinned my leg against the truck wall and I almost couldn't get it out), and put the turkey into a hastily-bought igloo and in the truck, along with the huge trash bag of old clothes that I'm giving away to charity (but they only pick up in baton rouge, of course), my dog's big-ass bed and my clothes, etc. And meanwhile my dog's going absolutely ape-shit, of course, since he always seems to know when we're about to drive to B.R. Then I got to wait in line for the ferry for an HOUR. Traffic was suprisingly light, though, and I arrived in about 4 hours.

And I had a nice little 'gift' from my lawyers waiting for me at the house.

I have my motorcycle jacket in possession, finally. And the place looks so fancy, because my mother finally had these decrepit hardwood floors refinished and rented a TV. I'll post some pictures after the ordeal, including some of the bachelor party if I can remember to take any.

Hope the whole ordeal is relatively stress-free tomorrow.

Allrighty.... Happy Thanksgiving-Day-Off to You and Yours and Theirs and Mine, and His and That Guy's, too.

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