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I bought a new cellphone today. The new Treo 600. It's swell. I can't wait to download some titty pictures onto it. *sigh*

I guess I'll be coming to BR on Wednesday, probably late night since I'll undoubtedly be working and getting my crap together to leave the house for 3 days straight. I'll leave the Bike here and just bring the pigcooker back home, unused. I'll have to take it off of the truck either tomorrow or early Saturday. The HD shop said to show up at the service department at 8am to get it done by 2 or 3. This is the joint that's 1.5 hours away, so that sounds like a fun time.

By the way, if anyone knows a decent HTML artist/designer, let me know. I want to actually get around to doing my webpage and I'm pretty piss-poor at that stuff, admittedly.

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